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Community Services

Community service is part of our culture.

We believe that it is important to give back to the community. Our compassion does not stop with the animals!

We host primary school field trips where we teach the youth the importance of responsible pet ownership, and veterinarymedicine. We are proud to lend a hand in the creation of the next generation of responsible pet owners, and perhaps inspire a few to pursue a career in veterinary medicine!

We host Animal Blood Donor Clinics. Just like in human medicine blood donors are essential in Veterinay Medicine. Without animal blood donors many families would lose their Best Friends. Animals may require blood transfusions for many reasons ranging from disease to acute injury. The Canadian Animal Blood Bank and the blood donors have made it possible to save many lives.

In 2008 we donated $5000 to Sichuan Earthquake Relief, $1000 to Miama Diaster Relief, $1000 to the Winnipeg Chinese Cultural Centre, and $1000 to Missionary work in Africa.

We offered a one day “Free Vet Clinic”, in conjunction with the Winnipeg Police Service. Many pet owners consider their pets a part of their families but are not able to provide them the Veterinary Care that they need due to the cost. We provided these animals with examinations, vaccinations, deworming, medications and various medical procedures. In 10 hours we were able to help 84 pets from our community that may not have received the much needed Veterinary Care.