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Veterinary Service Subsidy Program

Pets are a benefit to families, an expense, a decision, a luxury, but still believes that a family is better with a pet then with out.  Unfortunately in Canada we are not socialized to make use of pet insurance like in European countries, so when there is a crisis, it really is a crisis.  Dr. Zheng created his subsidy program to give pets and families a chance to recover from a crisis, not to force a heart breaking decision, a reality faced by many families

This program is meant to provide assistance specifically to low income families, and pet owners experiencing temporary financial difficulties. His program is on the “honor system”, he will never ask for a t4, just your word.  Who subsidizes the program? Dr. Zheng.

Too often those of us who started out as pet lovers and then become veterinary professionals are involved in heart wrenching discussions.  We have all been told how heartless we are because we cannot treat every patient without charging for services, it is demoralizing.  Dr. Zheng’s program allows all of us to benefit, pets, families, and the veterinary professionals.

Dr. Zheng will subsidize 50% of the veterinary services your pet requires (up to a $250 discount). The owner is responsible for paying the full examination fee and the remaining 50% of the fees. This program may be used only once per year per family. All remaining fees are due upon discharge of the pet from the hospital. Discount applies to veterinary services only and does not include food,medications, pet products, boarding or grooming.

If you or someone you know can benefit from this program please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members for more information or to book an appointment.